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Why personalized learning thru technology matters?

The Glossary of Education Reform defined personalized learning, or personalization, as a diverse variety of educational programs, learning experiences, instructional approaches, and academic-support strategies that are intended to address the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, or cultural backgrounds of individual students.

Experts identified five essential elements of personalized learning:

→ Flexible, anytime/everywhere learning method
→ a redefined role for teachers and an expanded sense for “teacher”
→ project-based, authentic learning
→ a student-driven learning path
→ mastery/competency-based progression/pace

The concept and practice of personalized learning existed even before the introduction of technology. However, technology made it possible for new ways to teach and learn. Personalized learning, thru the use of technology, make sure that students will achieve proficiency independent of time, place, and speed of learning. Personalized learning is enabled by e-learning systems which help track and manage the learning needs of students. An e-learning system provides the platform to access a variety of learning content, resources, and learning opportunities that are needed to meet each student’s needs everywhere at any time.

Our company, JoBS eSolutions, Inc., is the result of the increasing need for personalized learning.

We believe that every student had different needs and preferences. With this in mind, our teachers thoughtfully guide instruction, promote a supportive learning environment and spend time working with the student based on his or her interests and abilities; and

We offer our students the support they need to reach their true potential, such as online resources and mentorships, where we can address their questions and concerns.